This part of the site is designed to read and find Chinese coins found in the Schjoth catalogue. It is limited to the Tang period onward. Mouse over the images on the linked pages and see which ones will lead you further or back.


             This page will introduce reading (holding or viewing) a coin properly. The most common character, pao, is historically unfolded. The next three most common characters are noted as are the two “first characters” of a coins name: the Nien Hao or reign title.

             The “Reign Title” or “Nien Hao” is composed of two characters, the first is always found at the top. The second character is found either at the 3 or 6 o’clock position. Start with the left image link and follow with the right images.

             The three lower images can also be used as navigation tools. The left one will bring you back to this page, the right one will get you to the “Pao” page and the center one will change and act as a loop between the “table” pages of the top, right and left coin characters. The “top” page will all be clickable in the table.

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Tang Onward

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