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Fore note on fakes:

I recall a collector once writing that if he knew which were fakes in his collection he would be able to point them out. He further confessed that he probably had about 5-10% in his collection.

With modern foundry processes able to imitate old techniques and fake patinas it is getting harder to tell very good fakes from those coins that have a genuine pedigree.† Fantasy coins, those that never were produced for the time period attributed, are easier to sift out. Charms and amulets are a group unto themselves.

Get acquainted with good literature and reputable dealers as they will help to sift out fakes, though some will always end in a collection. Lars Bo Christensenís site has a good list of dealers and those to avoid (scroll down his page on eBay dealers for those selling fakes).

Do read my small article on Corrosion and UN-refining† (What happens to ancient† metal as it ages?) as it helps clarify the real patination process.


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Coin Dealers:

These have been the dealers that helped me build the personal collection I have.

Ancient Coins/World Coins - Frank S. Robinson

Calgary Coin Gallery

Guy Clark's Ancient Coins and Antiquities

Semans World Coins

World Coins and Paper Money from Joel Anderson

Jeff Young email (excellent dealer in antiquities and coins, *serious buyers only*)


ebay Dealers:

Ding Wei - "East Antique" (now named You-Kiss) Chengdu , China . E-mail (most personal favourite)

Fred W. Haumann "fjhstuff". Email

Gan Boon Huat - "Sea Eagle Coin" Singapore . E-mail web site: Sea Eagle Coins and Antiquities

Jiang Guowen - "cashcn" U.S.A. E-mail

Jim Farr - "jimfarr3" U.S.A. E-mail

Ricky Watt - "wattwatt" Hong Kong, China . E-mail

Song Min - "lindascoin" Beijing, China. E-mail


Coin Sites:

These are educational coin sites Iíve enjoyed.

Ancient Chinese Coins (Lars Bo Christensen)

Chinese Coinage Web Site† (old site) (new site) Oriental Coins Database

The Coins and History of Asia




Sites of interest:

These are sites Iíve browsed and learned much of China, its peoples, history and language.

All were found by internet surfing. Any one could lead to more.


Language and writing tools.

Chinese Character Dictionary

Chinese Phonetics

How to write Chinese characters

Learn to Draw Chinese Characters

Ocrat.com mirror project

Translators Dictionaries

Wenlin Institute Software for Learning Chinese

Writing Mandarin



Culture and History

*China the Beautiful - Chinese Art and Literature*

Chinese Cultural Studies A brief chinese chronology

Chinese Dynasties

The Chinese Empire

Chinese History for Beginners

Emperors of the Sangoku, the "Three Kingdoms," of India, China, & Japan

History of China

MacroHistory† World History

Medieval Sourcebook The Tatars A 13th Century Description

Sexagenary cycle (Ancient Chinese Calendar)

T'ien ming The Mandate of Heaven


Chinese Films Iíve enjoyed (Just a few)

Ju Dou

Not One Less

Qiu Ju

Raise the Red Lantern

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

Red Sorghum

The Road Home


Other far east films I liked

Himalaya (France-Nepal)

Ran (Japanese)






Early Round

Tang Onward

A Little History

Some More Coins

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